Embryoscope is an advanced type of incubator with time lapse system which allows the embryos to be observed from the time of fertilization till transfer into the uterus. In this the photographs of the dividing embryos are taken every 15 minutes, using a time lapse system , right from the beginning following fertilization by IVF/icsi till the formation of the Blastocyst.

This technology improves the success rate by monitoring the development of embryo and identifying the healthiest embryo with proper cleavage timings, which can be implanted in the womb. By using embryoscope to select the best embryo, we can achieve high pregnancy rate by replacing a single or at the most two embryos. This results in decrease in the incidence of multiple pregnancy rates without affecting the actual pregnancy rate.

We were the first IVF unit in Asia, to install this technology, in 2012. Very few units, worldwide, have got this costly machine. We have two of these machines, one in lilavati hospital Mumbai and another in fortis hospital gk2 New Delhi.